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01.02.2024 | Faber Group

Statement by Klaus Faber AG on the current social debate

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Statement by Klaus Faber AG on the current social debate

The liberal democratic basic order and the economic and social integration of the German Federal Republic into the European Community are the strong foundation not only of our successful economic work but also of peaceful coexistence in Western Europe.

We at Klaus Faber AG are clearly committed to these social values and reject any anti-democratic tendencies that call what we have achieved into question.

We are an international company and value cooperation with different cultures. That is why we are shocked by the agitation against fellow citizens with a migration background and foreigners. It doesn't matter where we come from, what religion we belong to or what color our skin is. Everyone contributes to the successful development of the community and to cultural diversity.

Only on the foundation of a free and democratic basic order and respect for the fundamental and human rights of all citizens will we be able to successfully master today's challenges. Through civil courage and committed action, everyone can help strengthen our democracy.

Klaus Faber AG