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Data technology business area

Wireless technologies are an indispensable part of our lives. In terms of speed, security and reliability, however, wired data transmission remains unsurpassed. Cable solutions from Faber transmit large volumes of data securely, quickly and reliably, whether over a home network or a wide area network or in an industrial application.

Classic and unsurpassed

Data cables and lines from Faber

Are you looking for data lines for your office or home network, fibre-optic cables for a wide area network or custom solutions for an industrial application? Our extensive product portfolio offers the complete spectrum of data network technology cables and system components. From network and fibre-optic cables to fibre-optic cable components, such as singlemode and multimode patch cables to connection modules and data sockets, Faber’s online shop is where you will find the right solution to meet your data technology needs. We stock all kinds of cable, from copper to fibre-optic! We can deliver any cable and line in custom cut lengths – with outstanding precision, to ensure we can meet your requirements.

Applications under the spotlight

Flexible solutions for home networks, wide area networks and industrial applications

Solutions for office/home networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs)

Our portfolio includes network cables for structured building cabling and fibre-optic cables for various applications.

Industry solutions

Apart from common cables for data technology, we also offer more special types for industrial applications, such as Industrial Ethernet.

System supplier expertise

Particularly when it comes to fibre-optic cables, there is often no such thing as a standard solution; our employees will find the right solution for you.

Reliable quality

Thanks to cooperation with the world’s leading cable and component manufacturers, we always offer our customers reliable quality.

Solutions for home networks, wide area networks and industrial applications

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Our data technology products

Faber is your system supplier: take a look at our wide-ranging product portfolio

Questions and answers on network cables and components

The selection of products generally depends on the distances over which the connections need to be established, what exactly is being connected or which connection technology is being used.

Apart from common cables for data technology, we also offer more special types for industrial applications, such as Industrial Ethernet. In this way, industrial IT system units can be interconnected and the production process optimised. In addition, our reeling fibre-optic data cables ensure interference-free transmission of industrial data, even at high reeling speeds and tensile loads.

Faber network cables are suitable for home or office use, ensuring stable and secure connections in local area networks (LANs). Larger volumes of data can be transmitted simply from IT systems. Wiring a home network is made easy with our FABER ® Reel-in-Box.

Our network cables with transmission rates of 1,000 MHz to 1,500 MHz are ideal for structured building cabling in accordance with ISO/IEC 11801.