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Discover the diversity of Faber.
Discover the diversity of Faber. More cable is impossible.

FABER ® Reel-in-Box for dataline.

You like practical solutions? Then this product is exactly the right thing for you. Faber has developed the Reel-in-Box for the FABER® dataline 1000 product line.

Two variations. One practical solution.

The box is available in two designs: As a Simplex version with a cable length of 200 m (article no. 101043) and in the Duplex version with 100 m (article no. 101196). The category 7 data cable comes on a plastic reel that is fixed inside a reinforced cardboard box, ensuring easy and knot-free unreeling.

The robust box sized 30 x 36 x 40 cm has a total weight of around 12 kg.

FABER ® Reel-in-Box for dataline.

Your benefits.

  • cost saving thanks to efficient use of materials
  • easy handling at the building site without additional unreeling device
  • easily manageable and stackable packaging for convenient transport in the construction site vehicle
  • comfortable to carry thanks to low weight – shipment by parcel service possible
  • avoidance of soiling and transport damage at the cable by secondary packaging
  • reduces cutting waste for short lengths


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