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12.11.2018 | Klaus Faber AG

Klaus Faber AG – From wholesaler to system supplier for the crane industry

Klaus Faber AG – From wholesaler to system supplier for the crane industry

Klaus Faber AG – From wholesaler to system supplier for the crane industry

Especially in the Cranes & Hoists business unit, Klaus Faber AG is increasingly developing into a system supplier for the very broad-based sector. In the past, the company already independently assembled cables in small quantities for one of the largest OEM revolving tower crane manufacturers, but Faber is now thinking a big step further. New collaborations, open market transparency and an ever expanding network of system integrators will increasingly transform the company from a classic wholesaler to system supplier in the next few years, says Alexander Keunecke, the new division manager.

Regardless of whether we are talking about classic power distribution cables or high-grade prefabricated hybrid overhead cables, the need for short-term availability of goods is particularly strong in the crane world. However, a standstill due to cable damage in a container crane system in seaport operation can cause downtime costs of a good 150 thousand euros per hour. Even the inexperienced can imagine the urgency for permanent availability of goods very well. “Here, with our technical expertise as well as our broadly based warehouse management, we can generate added value for all partners involved – from suppliers to prefabricators and from the OEM to the crane operator. Thanks to our outstanding credit standing, we are in a position to fulfil all of our customers’ stocking requests,” emphasises CFO Christian Reißner.

Predictive Maintenance in the crane sector
From gravel plant to steel cranes, and inland and seaport terminals to mobile cranes – although the locations of our cranes are so different, they all have one thing in common: The systems installed must function flawlessly over a long period of time and communicate a possible failure at an early stage. To meet this demand, predictive maintenance is of major importance to end users. In the future, Klaus Faber AG and its cable suppliers will continue to invest in new technologies in order to offer customers an additional service, meaning that they can minimise downtime significantly.

The green port – from digitalisation to emissions protection
Industry 4.0, automation, zero emissions – these topics are also increasingly in focus in today’s maritime and city port operations. From fully automated terminals in the Europort in Rotterdam to the “green harbour” in Hamburg, where more and more ships are supplied with power during time spent in port, the demand for technically mature cable solutions is unwavering. Here, too, Klaus Faber AG wants to make its contribution to further expansion of the business area in order to protect our planet from further pollution.

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