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Crane cables.

Crane cables and systems are used in all areas in which there is an especially high requirement laid upon the mechanics and reliability of electrical installations. We at faber offer a large selection of cables and cable systems in the various fields of material handling and hoisting equipment.

Containerbrücken mit Kranleitungen im Hafen

Ideal for demanding areas of application: our crane cables and hoisting equipment.

In all parts of hoisting and crane systems our crane cables can be used in their ideal use cases, be it as control lines or power cables - whether on the construction site or at the harbour, in transport facilities or on production sites. Our crane cables can be used to implement a variety of projects, be used in container spreaders, moveable construction parts, cable feeds in festoon systems or even as drag chain cables and in electrically driven handling systems.

Our product range includes crane systems and crane accessories for drive systems, as well as signal-applications and electronically driven control systems like trip cylinders and crane blocks. Our crane and lifting systems product portfolio also includes the right cables if you intend to use them for optical data transmissions. This includes flat conductors, PVC flat conductors as well as reelable rubber lines, in addition to heavy-duty cables.

Port Technology Video

Port Technology Video

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They spite winds and weather: Crane cables for the highest loads.

The Faber crane cables are specifically designed for the requirements of cranes-, hoisting- and loading-technology. Therefore they aren’t just robust, but are rather distinguished by a high grade of flexibility. Due to these characteristics the crane cables can be placed in movable constructions which are subject to permanent mechanical load, for example winding and unwinding at constant tensile stress, as well as in need of festoon cables for crane systems. Additionally, our crane cables are extraordinarily weatherproof, temperature resistant and can be deployed in combination with chemicals or lubricants without a negative effect on functionality.

Due to the above mentioned reasons they meet the special requirements which are needed for spreader or festoon cables in crane systems: due to the high mechanical stress in a vertical operation of crane baskets, the breaking resistance and weatherproofness of spreader-cables is of paramount importance. This also concerns festoon cables, which are used for the transportation of goods by use of a suspension.

In our familiar Faber quality all our crane cables are particularly durable and should meet even economic aspects in the highest degree.

Top-class standards for our crane cables - in Germany and worldwide.

Naturally, Faber crane cables meet the renowned DIN VDE standards. Beyond that, our products hold most relevant standards for a majority of countries. Our crane systems meet the IEC and other important international standards. Some of our products are even certified to meet UL standards. Thus, you can always count on Faber cables to be of the highest quality: be it festoon-cables, spreaders cables or control cables.

Containerkran mit Kranleitungen

Product diversity and constant product availability: our product examples for crane and festoon cables.

Convince yourself of our product diversity - with our inventory of 17.000 cables and wires we are one of Europe’s biggest cable manufacturers and distributors. The following cables are especially suitable for the area of cranes and hoisting gear:

Rubber flat cable NGFLGOEU  (0.6/1 kV) Rubber flat cable NGFLGOEU (0.6/1 kV)

Reeling cable PRYSMIAN Trommelflex® PUR-HF Reeling cable PRYSMIAN Trommelflex® PUR-HF

Festoon cable PRYSMIAN Festoonflex® PUR-HF Festoon cable PRYSMIAN Festoonflex® PUR-HF

Your principal contact for everything regarding crane cables.

Talk to us and reach out. My team and I help you with any and all questions regarding crane cables and other hoisting solutions.

Alexander Keunecke

Alexander Keunecke
Head of Business Unit Cranes & Materialhandling
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Mobile +49 171 2658559

Ralph Igl

Ralph Igl
Key Account
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Suna Korkmaz

Suna Korkmaz
Phone +49 681 9711-179

Kam-Ho Hew

Kam-Ho Hew
Phone +49 681 9711-268

Who we are.

Faber has numbered amongst the top providers in the cable and wire industry for over 73 years. We convince our customers with high-performing products and tested quality.

We are appreciated for our know-how, our service-orientation and our absolute adherence to delivery dates. Because we find: Nothing is more important than being a strong and dependable partner.


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