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  • Joachim Krimmel

    Joachim Krimmel

  • Dr. Jens Artelt

    Dr. Jens Artelt

  • Charlotte Bolle

    Charlotte Bolle

  • Sophia Semke

    Sophia Semke

  • Martin Leidner

    Martin Leidner

  • Ralf Gothier

    Ralf Gothier

  • Sascha Zender

    Sascha Zender

  • Andreas Kasparek-Kruchten

    Andreas Kasparek-Kruchten

  • Stefan Nowack

    Stefan Nowack

  • Markus Balzer

    Markus Balzer

  • Frank Thevs

    Frank Thevs

  • Annika Bermes

    Annika Bermes

  • Jonas Schug

    Jonas Schug

  • Ronald Ellwart

    Ronald Ellwart

  • Michael Fondermann

    Michael Fondermann

  • Philip Stegmaier

    Philip Stegmaier

  • Timo Brauckmann

    Timo Brauckmann

  • Anja Strake

    Anja Strake

  • Martin Leidner

    Martin Leidner

  • Sascha Berg

    Sascha Berg

  • Marcel Fanroth

    Marcel Fanroth

  • Sabine Franz

    Sabine Franz

  • Andreas Kern

    Andreas Kern

  • Peter Reifenberger

    Peter Reifenberger

  • Marco Weingärtner

    Marco Weingärtner

  • Anika Mertinitz

    Anika Mertinitz

  • Imene Amdouni

    Imene Amdouni

  • Simon Gry

    Simon Gry

  • Frank Riedig

    Frank Riedig

  • Hansjörg Maier

    Hansjörg Maier

  • Anja Strake

    Anja Strake

  • Philip Stegmaier

    Philip Stegmaier

  • Gerrit Lang

    Gerrit Lang

  • Claudia Purper

    Claudia Purper

  • Stefan Riehm

    Stefan Riehm

  • Jonas Gothier

    Jonas Gothier

  • Simon Frey

    Simon Frey

  • Ralf Herburger

    Ralf Herburger

  • Fabian Neumann

    Fabian Neumann

  • Hansjörg Maier

    Hansjörg Maier

  • Helmut Gebert

    Helmut Gebert

  • Florian Dorner

    Florian Dorner

  • Claudia Purper

    Claudia Purper

  • Andreas Schulz

    Andreas Schulz

  • Christina Riehm

    Christina Riehm

  • Jonas Klein

    Jonas Klein

  • Nico Maurer

    Nico Maurer

  • Fabian Neumann

    Fabian Neumann

  • Roberto Ansorena

    Roberto Ansorena

  • Jörg Herwig

    Jörg Herwig

  • Michael Awater

    Michael Awater

  • Claude Rohrbacher

    Claude Rohrbacher

  • Patrick Weber

    Patrick Weber

  • Erasmus Schmidt

    Erasmus Schmidt

  • Nathalie Hehn

    Nathalie Hehn

  • Thomas Misch

    Thomas Misch

  • Juri Bader

    Juri Bader

  • Daniel Jancsary

    Daniel Jancsary

  • Martin Lang

    Martin Lang

  • Ilaria Lana

    Ilaria Lana

  • Sebastian Ruppenthal

    Sebastian Ruppenthal

  • Ruwen Marx

    Ruwen Marx

  • Shkodran Beqiraj

    Shkodran Beqiraj

  • Angelina Krauth

    Angelina Krauth

  • Dennis Trautmann

    Dennis Trautmann

  • Nicole Goussanthier

    Nicole Goussanthier

  • Ing. Günther Tischler

    Ing. Günther Tischler

  • Kai Theile

    Kai Theile

  • Volker Schramm

    Volker Schramm

  • Tobias Himbert

    Tobias Himbert

  • Anna Rathner

    Anna Rathner

  • Sven-Markus Schankola

    Sven-Markus Schankola

  • Andreas Beyer

    Andreas Beyer

  • Dominik Kreutzberg

    Dominik Kreutzberg

  • Alexander Keunecke

    Alexander Keunecke

  • Nathalie Steinert

    Nathalie Steinert

  • Suna Korkmaz

    Suna Korkmaz

  • Kam-Ho Hew

    Kam-Ho Hew

  • Ralph Igl

    Ralph Igl

  • Ing. Günther Tischler

    Ing. Günther Tischler

  • Thomas Lelle

    Thomas Lelle

  • Lea-Marie Zimmermann

    Lea-Marie Zimmermann

  • Matthias Pflaum

    Matthias Pflaum

  • Gunther Gellert

    Gunther Gellert

  • Nadine Gluch

    Nadine Gluch

  • Hans-Jürgen Metzger

    Hans-Jürgen Metzger

  • Thomas Lelle

    Thomas Lelle

  • Gunther Gellert

    Gunther Gellert

  • Nadine Gluch

    Nadine Gluch

  • Jonathan Fernandes

    Jonathan Fernandes

  • Rukiye Yeter

    Rukiye Yeter

  • Sören Brandt

    Sören Brandt

  • Friederike Jacob

    Friederike Jacob

  • Sven Leinardi

    Sven Leinardi

  • Janine Sophie Engel

    Janine Sophie Engel

  • André Debatin

    André Debatin

  • Stephanie Welker

    Stephanie Welker

  • Eveline Fischer

    Eveline Fischer

  • Gudrun Fröhlich

    Gudrun Fröhlich

  • Denise Weber

    Denise Weber

  • Tim Schürmann

    Tim Schürmann

  • Lisa Arend

    Lisa Arend

  • Lisa Fries

    Lisa Fries

  • Michael Kartes

    Michael Kartes

  • Benjamin Backes

    Benjamin Backes

  • Ralf Opalla

    Ralf Opalla

  • Kevin Lafontaine

    Kevin Lafontaine

  • Vladimir Styben

    Vladimir Styben

  • Matthias Meyer

    Matthias Meyer

  • Lisa-Maria Kochems

    Lisa-Maria Kochems

  • Alexander Heitz

    Alexander Heitz

  • Josef Mathieu

    Josef Mathieu

  • Frank Jochum

    Frank Jochum

  • Lisa Meier

    Lisa Meier

  • Sandra Balzert

    Sandra Balzert

  • Birgit Jungblut

    Birgit Jungblut

  • Heike Stürmer

    Heike Stürmer

  • Desislava Frei

    Desislava Frei

  • Natalie Schug

    Natalie Schug

  • Josef Mathieu

    Josef Mathieu

  • Lukas Neumann

    Lukas Neumann

  • Alfons Hoffmann

    Alfons Hoffmann

  • Sascha Klein

    Sascha Klein

  • Philipp Diener

    Philipp Diener

  • Mariola Besch

    Mariola Besch

  • Lena Greff

    Lena Greff

  • Helga Klos

    Helga Klos

  • Andrea Zeller

    Andrea Zeller

  • Dorothea Bliem

    Dorothea Bliem

  • Hildegard Sowa

    Hildegard Sowa

  • Heike Peter

    Heike Peter

  • Eva Thevs

    Eva Thevs

  • Tatjana Matvijcuk

    Tatjana Matvijcuk

  • Hans-Jürgen Metzger

    Hans-Jürgen Metzger

  • Thomas Lelle

    Thomas Lelle

  • Robin Scheuer

    Robin Scheuer

  • Tim Klos

    Tim Klos

  • Xiao Wei

    Xiao Wei

  • Moritz Wagner

    Moritz Wagner

  • Anna-Lena Konter

    Anna-Lena Konter

  • Dirk Walter

    Dirk Walter

  • Alice Kreutzer

    Alice Kreutzer

  • Ulrich Spies

    Ulrich Spies

  • Joachim Wolf

    Joachim Wolf

  • Inna Bolotinska

    Inna Bolotinska

  • Christian Weber

    Christian Weber

  • Annemarie Heinrich

    Annemarie Heinrich

  • Martina Schmidt

    Martina Schmidt

  • Petra Weiss

    Petra Weiss

  • Klaudia Engel

    Klaudia Engel

  • Sue Schankola

    Sue Schankola

  • Justine Schwarzer

    Justine Schwarzer

  • Dieter Mörsdorf

    Dieter Mörsdorf

  • Gerhard Schmeer

    Gerhard Schmeer

  • Antonino Iudica

    Antonino Iudica

  • Oliver Seibert

    Oliver Seibert

  • Heike Schneiders

    Heike Schneiders

  • Bianca Marschall

    Bianca Marschall

  • Aliénor Mörsdorf

    Aliénor Mörsdorf

  • Sabrina Bruß

    Sabrina Bruß

  • Sabrina Klein

    Sabrina Klein

  • Klaas Hoffmann

    Klaas Hoffmann

  • Bernd Schneider

    Bernd Schneider

  • Daniela Knab-Schröder

    Daniela Knab-Schröder

  • Karin Beck

    Karin Beck

  • Patrick Hahl

    Patrick Hahl

  • Daniel Beck

    Daniel Beck

  • Thorsten Jakobs

    Thorsten Jakobs

  • Birgit Wengerek

    Birgit Wengerek

  • Ralf Bächle

    Ralf Bächle

  • Son Tung Hy

    Son Tung Hy

  • Tarek Alshibani

    Tarek Alshibani

  • Florian Rosch

    Florian Rosch

  • Rajab Al Khattab

    Rajab Al Khattab

  • Michael Prechtl

    Michael Prechtl

  • Patrick Martin

    Patrick Martin

  • Uwe Schinhofen

    Uwe Schinhofen

  • Bugra Ayasli

    Bugra Ayasli

  • Eric Waas

    Eric Waas

  • Anastasia Ammann

    Anastasia Ammann

  • Marc Schneider

    Marc Schneider

  • Heike Schwarz

    Heike Schwarz

  • Stephan Simon

    Stephan Simon

  • Andrea Loth

    Andrea Loth

  • Kathrin Minch

    Kathrin Minch

  • Maurice Staut

    Maurice Staut

  • Fabian Neumann

    Fabian Neumann

  • Michael Johann

    Michael Johann

  • Alexandra Rink

    Alexandra Rink

  • Katarina Schommer

    Katarina Schommer

  • Lena Wirtz

    Lena Wirtz

  • Ömer Korkmaz

    Ömer Korkmaz

  • David Molitor

    David Molitor

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Our team in Saarbrücken.

You would like to know who you are dealing with? We’ll show you. Our team members are the face of our company and shape its character. And they are the key to our success.

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Who we are.

Faber has numbered amongst the top providers in the cable and wire industry for over 73 years. We convince our customers with high-performing products and tested quality.

We are appreciated for our know-how, our service-orientation and our absolute adherence to delivery dates. Because we find: Nothing is more important than being a strong and dependable partner.


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