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5. September 2022

Klaus Faber AG acquires ZIEGLER ENGINEERING GmbH

Klaus Faber AG acquires ZIEGLER ENGINEERING GmbH

Klaus Faber AG from Saarbrücken continues to grow and is acquiring ZIEGLER ENGINEERING GmbH. This Reutlingen-based company contributes extensive technical know-how in heating, measurement and energy engineering, and will be working hand-in-hand with Klaus Faber AG’s newly established Electrical Heat Tracing business unit in the future.  

“The main focus area of the new business unit are electrical trace heaters that help to maintain specific temperatures inside pipes and vessels, e.g. to continuously ensure the flowability of fluid, and thus the reliability of processes”, says Dr. Jens Artelt, CEO of Klaus Faber AG.

The target industries are many: from the chemical and petrochemical industry via the oil and gas industry, power generation and food industry through to the construction industry, where water pipes need to be protected from freezing, amongst other aspects.

“ZIEGLER ENGINEERING GmbH’s expertise enables us to offer our clients a total package over and beyond the mere distribution of components. This includes services such as project planning, technical calculations, installation, system start-up, documentation, maintenance and repair. In this respect, we will be benefiting from the large customer base, logistical know-how and financial strength of Klaus Faber AG. We are delighted that our clients will be able to benefit from the synergies of the two companies in the long run”, explains Matthias Pflaum, head of the Electrical Heat Tracing business unit.

Together with the previous owner, Kurt Ziegler, we are picking up on the 50-year tradition of the family business, and want to continue living and expanding the business model prioritizing dependability, flexibility and a strong customer focus under the same name. Besides the core business of lines and cables, Klaus Faber AG has been diversifying into new business segments for several years, and is very broadly positioned by now. The business units Infrastructure, Broadband & Telecom, and Cranes, Mining and Tunnelling have shown a very successful development. Klaus Faber AG is generating a considerable portion of its sales in these new areas nowadays. This is set to increase.

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