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30. January 2017

Faber holds expert lecture at the Fachtagung Baustromtechnik.

Faber holds expert lecture at the Fachtagung Baustromtechnik.

Faber holds expert lecture at the Fachtagung Baustromtechnik.

The electrical construction site equipment and power supplies are the modern Achilles heel for construction sites of today. Disruptions can hinder the entire construction process and lead to negative economic consequences. Hence, the reliability and safety of electrical construction site equipment are essential.

The annual "Fachtagung Baustromtechnik", organized by the Baustrom-Akademie Berndt UG deals with this topic. The event, which took place in the premises of Gothe & Co. GmbH in Mülheim an der Ruhr this year, is aimed at professionals who deal with the installation and operation of the electrical site equipment.

Currently, the topic of "Copper and aluminum as alternative conductor materials" is in the discussion and Peter Handrack, Head of the Technical Customer Advice department at Faber Kabel provided an update on the current situation.

High prices and the weight of copper cables cause that aluminum power cables are increasingly considered an alternative. However, the standard material copper cannot be replaced one by one, and the problems which arise from an increased use of aluminum have not yet been completely solved. In addition to an overview of the current state of the development, participants were given an insight into the physical principles and current standardization situation.

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