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8. September 2015

Faber further extends its range of products.

The wishes of our customers are important to us. Therefore, we are constantly working on extending our extensive product portfolio by further items in a useful manner. We are pleased to offer you a number of new products. The new products include the Globalflex® Premium Multi-Standard Control Line and FABER® VIDEO HD-SDI. In addition, the proven cable type (N)HXH FE180/E90 was successfully tested according to EN 50200 and 50362, and has been therefore approved, throughout Europe, for any use in emergency circuits.

We have supplemented the range of flexible cables by other types. And from now on, we hold for you medium voltage cables NA2XS(F)2Y 12/20 kV 1x1000 mm2 in stock for the use in wind parks or large solar plants.

Globalflex ® Premium Multi-Standard Control Line - for use worldwide.

With four internationally recognized certifications (VDE/HAR, UL/CSA, GOST-R, CCC), our new multi-standard control line can be nearly used worldwide. This allows to reduce the own stock to a single basic type. Thus, the line is predestined for export-oriented companies being active in the field of mechanical and plant engineering.

The line is designed for the use in dry and damp rooms, in an industrial environment - but not in the open air.

Globalflex ® is a registered trademark of XBK-Kabel Xaver Bechtold GmbH.

Detailed information can be found here and here.

FABER® VIDEO HD-SDI according to SMTP292M.

The "High Definition - Serial Digital Interface" (HD-SDI) is a standardized interface for transmitting uncompressed video signals via coaxial cable in real time. This technology provides excellent image quality and is therefore not only used in studio and production environments, but also in the field of video surveillance.

Our coaxial cables comply with the standard SMPTE292M and have been available, since the beginning of this year, in the dimensions 0.8/3.7 and 1.0/4.8.

More information is provided here and here.

(N)HXH FE180/E90 tested according to EN 50200 and 50362.

In addition, the proven cable type (N)HXH FE180/E90 was successfully tested according to EN 50200 and 50362 and is therefore approved, throughout Europe, for any use in emergency circuits.

The halogen-free electric power cable shows low smoke development, no flame propagation and insulation integrity in case of fire of 180 minutes. The safety cable is used anywhere where special protection against fire and fire damage to people and property must be guaranteed, and therefore a high safety standard is required.

The fire protection cable is suitable for indoor use. Any outdoor installation in a protecting tube will be allowed if water accumulation is prevented in the tube.

For the technical data sheet, please click here.

New designs in trailing cables.

From now on, the stock range of flexible trailing cables comprises the following types:

• (N)TSCGEWÖU 12/20 kV, three-core for mobile power supply
• (N)TMCGCWÖU, single-core for switch-gear construction

In case of any requests for trailing cables, please always specify the intended use, as there can be different versions within some production series.

For more information on the trailing cables click here und here.

Medium voltage cable - Large cross section now from stock.

As the first specialized wholesaler of cables and lines, Faber has got this large cross-section (NA2XS(F)2Y 12/20 kV 1x1000 mm2) in stock. The medium voltage cable is used to connect wind farms or large solar plants to feeding systems.

Find more information here.

Simply get in touch with our sales team. We are happy to provide further assistance.

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