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Discover the diversity of Faber.
Discover the diversity of Faber. More cable is impossible.

Cable printing.

Your first step is done. You have chosen powerful quality-tested products from Faber, one of the leading providers of the cable and wire industry. Thanks to our cable printing service you can turn your cables and wires into unique products because we are the competent partner at your side.

Cable printing for easier cable identification

Our cable identification system enables us to print cables and wires from our portfolio to your expectations—safely and distinctly. Many of our customers choose their company name or website address to be used as cable identification labels or for wire identification, making your electrical cable identification an advertising medium for your company while protecting your property-identified wires and cables from theft. Industrial identification with semaphores is also possible to prevent the likelihood of confusion—and hence, accidents and mistakes—in industrial or commercial environments or on building sites. Whatever you are planning, we can help to implement it exactly to your expectations.

Cable with cable identification

Cable labelling standards for seamless printing

To ensure a sufficiently large printing area for all of our power cord labels and wire label sleeves, wire cross-sections of 3x1.5mm2 or more can be printed. Our wire labelling system lets you choose your own font size, but for reasons of easy legibility, make sure it is adjusted to the cable diameter. The colours black or white are available with our cable marking systems to realise your requested print.

The minimum order quantity for our electrical wire marking system is 5m. We will print your cables and wires straight from the reel, by the metre. Our wire marking system is priced at €0.08 per metre, with a min. order value of €40.00. If all wire labelling standards are met and your cables go into print, you will receive your custom-printed Faber cables or wires within one week.

Customisation beyond cable labelling and cable printing—cable assembly

Apart from printing on labels and wire print, we also offer customised assembly of flex cables. Our assembled cables are used in electrical wholesale, mechanical or plant engineering, the energy sector or transport, providing you with a host of choices for finding the right cable for your exact industrial application. Benefit from our extensive product portfolio with a maximum range of combination options—while enjoying the use of our custom cable labels.

Contact. Your hotline to our cable printing service.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to find out more about cable print, cable printing or cable labelling solutions. Simply contact your sales team member with enquiries about our cable printing solutions.

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Who we are.

Faber has numbered amongst the top providers in the cable and wire industry for over 72 years. We convince our customers with high-performing products and tested quality.

We are appreciated for our know-how, our service-orientation and our absolute adherence to delivery dates. Because we find: Nothing is more important than being a strong and dependable partner.


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