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Your industry. Our know-how.
Your industry. Our know-how. We know what counts.

Photovoltaics: Generating solar energy for industry, building and infrastructure

Photovoltaics has been significantly contributing to the energy transition for years and helps to combat climate change. Every year, the sun produces thousands of times more energy than what is actually used by us, making it the biggest energy supplier. While we cannot utilise this vast amount in its entirety, the photovoltaic technology has evolved steadily. In den last few years, photovoltaic systems have become markedly more efficient and impress with a high level of performance—including for industry, building and infrastructure.

Photovoltaic all-in-one solutions by Faber

We have been providing our customers with solar cables for photovoltaic systems for a few years now. As part of Faber’s transformation—from a specialist wholesaler for cables and wires to an all-in-one solution provider—we have extended our product portfolio. From PV module and inverter to accessories, we offer our customers tailored products for any photovoltaic application. Thanks to our technical expertise, we can also build customised solutions. As an all-in-one solution provider, our focus continues to be on the excellent quality of products and customer service.

What are the quality requirements that need to be met in the photovoltaic industry?

Thanks to the continuous evolution of PV systems, system voltage increases more and more, requiring more powerful cables and Components. In addition, photovoltaic systems are exposed to wind and weather by day and night. Extreme weather resistance to heat, frost, wind and water is mandatory—along with protection against rodents. In order to efficiently generate energy for several decades, PV systems as well as their cables and components must be extremely robust. To meet this high level of requirements, we can rely on a long track record and offer you innovative all-in-one photovoltaic solutions.

Your reliable partner for photovoltaics in industry, building and infrastructure

Whether it is a solar panel, cables and accessories for photovoltaics or mobile solar systems for containers—Faber always has the right solution for your project! We will be happy to help you choose the right PV modules, cables and components.

Since 1950, our customers have been trusting our technical expertise and our broad product and services portfolio with a high level of available goods. By extending our photovoltaics business unit we are leveraging these strengths in a market segment where short-term material availability and responsiveness play an important role.

Your contact with us.

You need support to realise your photovoltaic project? Please contact us for more information. We are happy to help and will take care of implementing your project.

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Who we are.

Faber has numbered amongst the top providers in the cable and wire industry for over 73 years. We convince our customers with high-performing products and tested quality.

We are appreciated for our know-how, our service-orientation and our absolute adherence to delivery dates. Because we find: Nothing is more important than being a strong and dependable partner.


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