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21. August 2021

Joachim Czabanski, CEO & CFO of the Klaus FABER AG, received CEO Awards

Joachim Czabanski, CEO & CFO of the Klaus FABER AG, received CEO Awards

Joachim Czabanski, CEO & CFO of the Klaus FABER AG, has been named 'Business Transformation System CEO of the Year - Germany' & 'Inspirational Business Leader of the Year - Europe' in the Business Worldwide Magazine (BWM) 2021 CEO Awards. 

He joins a line of world-renowned and successful business leaders such as Eugene Kaspersky (Kaspersky LAB), Dr. Christian Tidona (Bio Med X institute and Prof. Karsten König (JenLab).

The 2021 Business Worldwide CEO Awards seek to identify and honour the Most Respected C-level executives across the globe from a variety of different sectors. The awards themselves do not focus on a company’s success, as many do, but the spotlight is on the success of individuals who make the corporations tick– namely senior executives such as CEOs, Managing Directors, Directors and senior-level management. Our intention is to give a worthy individual the recognition he/she deserves as well as to use their example to inspire other companies and business leaders to achieve similar success.

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