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17. July 2017

Joachim Czabanski appointed to World Economic Council.

Joachim Czabanski appointed to World Economic Council.

The World Economic Council (WEC) in Berlin has appointed Joachim Czabanski, Chief Executive Officer of Klaus Faber AG, as a senator with immediate effect.

The World Economic Council is an economically and politically independent network of experts and consultants. As an international and non-partisan organization, the WEC promotes cooperation and exchange between economy, politics and science on a national and international level. It advises politicians in globalization issues, initiates reforms, and elaborates practice- and solution-oriented concepts.

One can’t just simply join this top-level panel. Only outstanding personalities are appointed to the World Economic Council. The senators are selected upon the suggestion of politicians, presidium, board and council members, or by way of targeted research or media analysis. WEC senators are appointed if they are considered worthy and their business conduct is in keeping with the canon of values of an “honourable businessman”, as well as the principles of sustainability, corporate social responsibility, environmental protection and energy efficiency, ethics and morals.

"The Saarland may be the smallest of all federal states, but it does not have to hide in the overall picture of our country in terms of competitiveness, manpower, innovation and outstanding entrepreneurs," explains Peter Nussbaum, founder of the WEC.
Entrepreneurs like Klaus Faber have been able to experience the progress and the rise of Germany in the mid-nineteenth century. He developed a small business into an internationally operating company with over 200 employees and annual sales of 300 million Euro. After 65 years at the helm of the company, Klaus Faber handed over the management of the company to Joachim Czabanski. "We know that calling Mr. Czabanski into our Senate is an excellent choice as we will certainly benefit from his expertise and experience," explains Peter Nussbaum.

“I am greatly delighted to be honoured by this appointment and to be given an opportunity to contribute my know-how and to build up new networks as a WEC senator. The great number of international projects and activities in my professional career so far have highlighted the significant value of connections and networks to me again and again. The close link between politics, economy and society is impressed upon us every day. This calls for the greatest degree of diplomacy and cultural understanding, not only in international projects. I therefore accept the mission of engaging in an advisory and mediatory activity with pleasure”, commented Joachim Czabanski his appointment to the panel.

The appointment to international economic senator is also an acknowledgement of Joachim Czabanski’s past achievements as an entrepreneur. With a clear commitment to high moral values, he is currently running one of Europe’s largest cable distributors, Klaus Faber AG, based in Saarbrücken. An esteeming approach to employees, customers and suppliers, but also competitors, meanwhile forms the foundation of this company’s positive development.

“In addition to this it is also my wish that corporate activities shall not only be shaped by economic success, but also by active social engagement”, says Joachim Czabanski. The company’s own Klaus Faber Foundation donated 1.6 million euros in March of this year for the construction of a hybrid operating theatre at the Caritas clinic in Saarbrücken. “Only if we set a good example can we also motivate others to emulate us.”

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