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Discover the diversity of Faber.
Discover the diversity of Faber. More cable is impossible.

Heat resistant cable FABER® THERM 750

cable halogen-free cable conform to Low Voltage directive

cable halogen-free cable halogen-free

cable conform to Low Voltage directive cable conform to Low Voltage directive

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Conductor materialnickel
Conductor classclass 5 = fine stranded
Insulationglass fibre covering + glass fibre braid, silicone impregnated
Permitted outer cable temperature, fixed-60 - +750 °C
Bending radius, fixed installation18 x DA

Its extreme range of working temperatures makes this cable particularly suitable for use in aerospace, power plants, chemical companies and metallurgical operations. Please note the different conduction resistance from copper cables. Long-term temperatures above 300°C can lead to a volatilization of the silicone impregnation.

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